Smart Speaker Assitant

Place orders, update shopping list, turn off TV.

Automated Lighting

Scheduled and montion activated lights

Automated Thermostat

Manage tempature with your smart speaker and smart thermostat

Today’s homes are becoming smart and with that comes a lot of hardware, software, and networking requirements.

Take the average smart home today. Laptops, computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles and multiple streaming devices attached to smart tv’s. Smart speakers spread around the home, security cameras, smart doorbells, thermostats, zigbee and zwave hubs to control smart locks, lighting, and appliances just to name a few.

These things all need a network and in most cases internet to work. With all these devices and network traffic, the normal home network setup using a consumer grade firewall can not handle the network load of all these devices. This leads to poor performance for some or all of these devices causing frustration and in many cases a lack of adoption of the new product or service.

We can help. Using business grade hardware to build advanced networks to segment out your traffic and ensuring the best performance for all devices under management. We know that you just want your smart home to work and with our smart home service you have dedicated management and support for your advanced home.

Contact us today for a site audit to see how we can take your home and make it smart.

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